A playlist made with big feelings from the darkest depths of our cold black hearts. We’ll make a new one every… well, whenever we feel like it, tbh. Often NSFW, but always appropriate for life. Vol. 1: Grey It’s getting dark at
Doll Creepy
Everything is terrible.   1. Twenty-two percent of office coffee mugs contain fecal matter. You’re welcome.   2. If you can smell it, it’s literally inside your nose. We breathe in a litre of farts every day. Most of it our
Problem Bird Meme
Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up. 1. The Over-Sharer It’s never just been limited to Instagrams of every meal or copious amounts of selfies in unremarkable places. The Over-Sharer also gives daily updates of morning routines and
Rhubarb Meme
Some veg just wanna watch the world burn. 1. Asparagus Asparagus is one of the most cheeky vegetables out there. This long green bastard will make your pee smell funny as soon as 15 minutes after eating it. While only
The end is nigh, one way or another. Here’s what you’ll need to stay alive. Maybe. 1. Basic Outdoor Survival When the bombs/viruses/zombies/aliens/etc finally do cause society to break down into a sustained abandonment of social norms, you might find yourself
Beach Public
Oh hey there, Summer! Fuck you! 1. The Heat. My God, the HEAT. There is something truly horrific about actually looking forward to being at work, even if it’s only for the air conditioning. Waking up with sweat in our