It’s not personal. 1. Fake a Mild Allergy Stuck at an unavoidable work-related party and need to bail before the compulsory karaoke begins? Explain to the host that you have a “sensitivity” that was triggered by something in the dip
Shady Stars
Shady shady boots. 1. Smile Without Your Eyes The anti-smize is easier when you genuinely want to choke a bitch. This technique is best used in professional situations. 2. The Long Pause Taking 2 or 3 beats to answer or
Baboon Monkey Mad
“What’s up your craw, punk?” 1. Trenchant adj. 1. Caustic or cutting wit. Acerbic speech. Sharp. Shady. It’s vaguely French-sounding, which means it instantly sounds classier than “bitchy”. The receptionist has a rather trenchant phone manner. 2. Read  verb. 1. To