7 Skills for a Post-Apocalyptic World

The end is nigh, one way or another. Here’s what you’ll need to stay alive. Maybe.

1. Basic Outdoor Survival


When the bombs/viruses/zombies/aliens/etc finally do cause society to break down into a sustained abandonment of social norms, you might find yourself needing to quickly get out of populated areas. That means you’ll need to make fire, get water, and make a shelter of some kind. Better pick up an SAS Survival Guide and get studying.

2. Hunting


Grocery stores will be a thing of the past when the apocalypse begins, so if you want to grill some meat over that campfire you’ve just learned how to make, you’d better learn to fish, trap, or hunt. Good luck with that.

3. Scavenging


Not into killing for food? We wouldn’t blame you, especially if you’re living the type of apocalyptic reality that means you’re the hunted instead of the hunter. If you’ll be living off the land, you’ll probably want to know which leaves will give you a horrible rash (hint: there are a lot of them), which berries will send you into a psychedelic coma (hint: again, a lot of them) and which mushrooms will flat out kill you (hint: you get the idea).

4. Stealth


We all know from studying apocalyptic primers like the Mad Max series, The Walking Dead, and games like Fallout, that the only thing worse than viruses/zombies/water wars, etc. is the rest of humanity. People are the worst when it comes to surviving in a bleak, destroyed world, so if you plan to survive you need to learn to do more than just run. You need to hide.

5. Armour


Protecting your body while battling the future-ending scourge that we all know is coming will take ingenuity. If you’re lucky enough to already have access to actual body armour, then suit yourself up, son! If not, nothing just make something that you can still move easily and quickly in – nothing worse than your armour slowing you down or getting you caught in a jam. Try employing the clever use of duct tape, motorcycle jackets, paintball masks, etc. If all else fails, see #4.

6. Learn the Difference Between Wolf and Sheep


Whether you survive a post-apocalyptic world or not sometimes depends on the tough choices you have to make. Will you stay behind to save the slowest member of the group, or leave them screaming and begging for your help while you congratulate yourself on buying a few extra moments to get away? Will you drink all the antidote yourself or save some for the infected children? Are you willing to share food with other strangers, or kill them where they stand and take their last can of spam? One thing is for sure – you’ll need an iron will to get by in the fallout futurescape.

7. Badassery


Speaking of iron will, there’s a certain amount of bravado and risk-taking that will be needed if you expect to live another day. You may have to learn to leap from windows to escape a shambling horde, or work on your quickdraw skills to survive a showdown with a sadistic marauder. You’ll need a good dose of badassery to survive. Whatever you do, don’t flinch.