5 Subtle Ways to Throw Shade

Shady shady boots.

1. Smile Without Your Eyes


The anti-smize is easier when you genuinely want to choke a bitch. This technique is best used in professional situations.

2. The Long Pause

Star Shade

Taking 2 or 3 beats to answer or address the object of your shade implies that you have to muster up all your energy just to bother with them, and that you were basically just waiting for them to stop talking. It’s shade 101.

3. Be REALLY Nice

Nice Lady

So sweet you could give ’em cavities. Being overly and expressively saccharine patronizes and isolates your target. Be aware – this is an offensive move, and when executed without charisma can lead to outright dragging.

4. Overreact to Everything They Say

Lucy Desi

Also in the category of being “too nice”. An exaggerated response indicates that you’re taking the piss – make sure that everyone knows the joke is on your target.

5. Pretend You Don’t Know Them

Shady Stars

This only works when you’re speaking about your target with a third party. Throwing indirect shade is a subtle move – something celebrities know all about.